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Tips For Fishing Mississippi’s Small Streams

Tips For Fishing Mississippi’s Small Streams

Author:  Aaron……

If you have ever floated the leaf, Chickisawhay, or any other small stream that make up the Pascagoula River, you know what spotted bass are all about.These streams are haunted with them, especially the Chickisawhay. Many lures will catch them but spinnerbaits on the smaller scale is wicked, even in the midday hours. when floating a river with moderate current, a bait that covers a lot of water is a good choice in most situations. these streams have plenty of logjams, bluffs, slack water pockets, and ledges so there’s NO lack of structure. There are many sandbars to camp on or just take a dip and cool off from the Mississippi sun. You may not catch a “wallhanger” but my average trip includes around 35 to 40 bass in an all day adventure. Most between the 10 to 16 inch range. However, my biggest spot from this watershed was on the highly overlooked leaf river, and was 4 lbs 2 oz. Oh, and pack an endless supply of skeeter’ spray.

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