Too Much Action?

Too Much Action?

p2180068-300x225I learned a lot while working at the Atlanta Bass Pro Shops retail store my senior year in high school.  One thing that always cracked me up is when the guy would come in wanting a rod with “action,” as he would say.  ”It’s gotta have a lot of action or it can’t give the bait action and it helps me feel my lure.”  Oh is that right? I would beg to differ.

Sometimes beginner anglers feel the more “action” the rod has the better feel of your bait it will give you. Nothing could be further from the truth – its actually the complete opposite. The stiffer the rod, the more vibrations are transmitted to your hands through the graphite and they are the more sensitive rod actions.  And, graphite rods will transmit vibration better than fiberglass as well. My reason for this short article is in this whole “action” myth. 

I have noticed a lot of fisherman take this “action” concept into their bait presentation as well.

I often see people giving their baits way too much “action” and therefore ruining any resemblance of a natural creature. Sometimes people can get too caught up in this “action.” Don’t be fooled and start shaking your rod tip violently when fishing a jig or worm. Picture the jig as if it were a normal crawfish hanging out on the bottom looking for food. Does it jump violently up and down and all around while doing this? No.  Hopping a bait here and there is just fine because crawfish do quickly swim from one rock crevice to the next, but shaking it too much is probably hurting hellgramite-300x251your fishing more than helping – especially with the bigger, smarter fish. 

Bass sneak up on their prey mostly by hiding in the right spot where they blend into the environment.  Often times they get their meal without the prey even seeing it coming.  I try and work my baits as if they are just living life under the water the way they normally do based on what I know about that creature. And, remember, some bait presentations do call for erratic retrieves and I am not talking about those baits (jerk baits for instance) in this article. I have looked at my bait in the water and without even doing a thing the current will move the plastic tentacles/claws/legs/tail or whatever and it looks as real as the real thing without any movement from my rod tip! I have also noticed that the slightest movement on my rod tip makes that bait move more than I ever thought it would with such a small twitch.

I think the concluding point is that too much “action” may still catch fish, but you might get some bigger ones with a more lifelike presentation with a lure that also looks lifelike.  ”Action” isn’t really all its cracked up to be with your rod choice and how you present your lure. 

Hope this helps somebody.


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