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“Turkeycreek” Completes River Mission #2!

“Turkeycreek” Completes River Mission #2!

….Congratulations to Turkeycreek (Kevin Merck) for accomplishing his 2nd river mission. Turkey seems to be on a roll!!!  Is this young man going to get waterlogged feet from chasing those largemouth, spotted bass and shoalies???  Let’s hope not!  Go get em Turkey!!!  Just like they say in the TV commercial……”Be All You Can Be!!!”

Mission Accomplished: Four Bass Slam – Catch four different bass species in one day on the same river (striped bass, white bass and hybrids included)

Date Accomplished: July 30, 2010


Redeye Bass

Largemouth Bass

Spotted Bass

Shoal Bass

How he accomplished his mission: I took SwampCobra on a wading trip at one of my favorite flows. The morning started off great with some good spots hitting topwater – 3lb 12oz and a 2lb 8oz spot. I then caught my first river largemouth. The bite slowed down so we decided to move up river, farther into the mountains, to find some cooler water and hopefully more active fish. Well, the water was cooler and the fish were more active! I was able to catch a great redeye and some good shoal bass.

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