“TyGa10″ September River Basser Of The Month

“TyGa10″ September River Basser Of The Month

TyGa10 (Robert Cobb) was the first member to reach out and welcome me to Riverbassin.com by inviting me to his place on the Flint River. After talking with Robert and getting to know him a little better, he showed me several things about the Flint River I didn’t know. He has been very gracious by allowing me access to the river through his property and to other Riverbassin.com members as well. In my book, TyGa10 is a top notch guy! He has helped me tremendously and is a perfect example of the selfless river basser and southern gentleman he is. Robert is a quite type of guy but what he doesn’t say in words says volumes about him as a person! We at Riverbassin.com are proud to have TyGa10 as a member of our ranks!! Congratulations Robert, on being selected as “River Basser Of The Month”. This special recognition is well deserved!!!
You too can nominate a friend to become the Basser of the Month by using this form. If chosen as Basser of the Month they will receive a special parking space at the front of the store, I mean, site, for the remainder of the month.  Catching big fish or large numbers of fish is not the criteria we base our decisions on either.  The River Basser of the Month should share the same enthusiasm, passion, stewardship and kindness that we like to promote here on RiverBassin.com.

3 Responses to ““TyGa10″ September River Basser Of The Month”

  1. LowHybred09 says:

    Way to go Robert! No better person in my book to be the basser of the month this go round. He tore our rear ends up when we took him out….your not supposed to whoop your host Robert. :) GOOD JOB.

  2. smiley says:

    Way to go Robert!!! You deserve it! You are a great friend and and wonderful person! Can’t wait to go fishing with you as soon as you can! Congrats on basser of the month!

  3. basserlewis says:

    Congrats Robert! Great to hear about another class act river fisherman. Keep catching those Shoalies. Maybe we can get on the water sometime since we’re both in GA.
    Catch a big one!


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