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TyGa10′s Cameo Appearance!!

TyGa10′s Cameo Appearance!!

Well…….BasserDrew has done gone and shamed me in front of the whole riverbassin world about not
videoing TyGa10 in my last video even though his name did appear in the CREDITS. This past
Thursday, TyGa and I got together and once again hit one of our local flows. TyGa is truly a great
sport and a pleasure to fish with as well a good friend. He doesn’t grumble or complain
(at least to me) the whole day long when on the river even when the fish might not be cooperating
as he would like them to. This is TyGa’s “Cameo Appearance” and this video is dedicated to him!!!!
Thanks Robert for being such a great friend! You will notice in the video that Robert is not much for

The main scene with TyGa is a rest stop we made midday to take a lunch break. What a beautiful setting!

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  1. TyTaff says:

    We all have had those days but nice fish


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