“Uconn, Husky Shoal Bass”

“Uconn, Husky Shoal Bass”

This is the latest RiverBassin TV episode where Drew guides Tom, from Connecticut, down in south Georgia to catch a shoaliemonster.  I think you’ll find this one entertaining and may even want to hire Drew yourself so he can try and get you on some big river bass as well.

9 Responses to ““Uconn, Husky Shoal Bass””

  1. smalliesam says:

    I’m really enjoying watching the evolution of these videos. You’re really doing a great job with your editing and graphics. It’s as entertaining as anything on Vs. or OD Channel. One thing to work on is “normalizing” your audio track though. But, other than that, very cool stuff. Keep up the great work.

  2. Tardevil says:

    Great video, Drew!

  3. BasserDrew says:

    Sam, I knew the audio on this one was not right but for some reason my editing software wouldn’t adjust the audio up or down. I tried everything but finally gave up and just said the heck with it, its only going on the internet and not TV and they can always turn the volume up or down if they need to. Its weird because all of the other videos are fine and I’ve never had my program not cooperate and I even tried restarting it…oh well. I might try and fix that on this episode one day but at least the product is out for all to enjoy even though the audio is a little off.

  4. Radsdog says:


    Great video – you can even make me look good! Can’t wait to get back down there and do it again!

    Take care and keep on catchin’em.

  5. Boyscout says:

    Drew, you just raised the bar. Getting better everytime, bro.

    Great video.

  6. Big Papi says:

    Great video Drew, you are beginning to master the concept!!

  7. rock hound says:

    Great video Drew. Did you notice the dark spot on the anal fin of Tom’s 4 lb 9 oz shoalie? Kinda looks like the spot on a peacock’s caudal fin. And speaking of spots I have not been back to the spot since the day I met you and Tom. Receiving 15″ of rain in one week pushed the river above 31 feet. Flood stage is 20′. The day this video was made the river was 5 or 6 feet. Today the river is around 10′ so it should be right in a few days. Drew if you want to post a picture of the shoalie I caught that day you got my ok. Let me know when you are going to be in the area again.

    • BasserDrew says:

      Yo, Rock Hound, I didn’t even realize that was you Jim. I’ll get that picture up. I did notice that spot on the fish and to be honest I have caught that fish before I believe. I think it was 4-6 when I caught it a few weeks before. It had a spot in the exact same spot. I probably won’t be back to S. Ga for a while but then again you never know with river bassin because you are forced to go where the fishable water is!

  8. BravesWin says:

    Nice…A Connecticut Yankee in King Basser’s Sport.


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