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Why River Bassin’ is Great for Kids!

Why River Bassin’ is Great for Kids!

trailorpic1When I was a boy I used to go river bassin’ the old school way – on foot with my dad. It was pretty awesome though because I got to explore and be in the actual river environment that the fish lived in. I enjoyed fishing with my dad in lakes and on the bank of a pond, but nothing compared to how much more action was going on for a child with an exceptionally short attention span. This is why rivers are great for children.

Reason 1: When the fish aren’t biting, there is always something else going on to keep them entertained. To adults a class I rapid may be tame, boring and just an afterthought, but to a kid it is an exciting event. All the little things that we have come to know, accept and become desensitized to in our environment are special experiences for children. Whether it is exploring an adjoining creek or oxbow or walking through the shoals searching for crawfish, frogs, hellgramites and other underwater creatures, children remain entertained by the constantly changing river environment. A young mind that is growing wants to explore, it is the way our brains form and develop. On a boat in a lake there is not much for this growth or exploration, but rather naps after the first hour or two unless the fish are biting extremely often! This is not a knock on lakes or boats because they have their purpose but I have seen what happens to children on a wild, moving river as compared to a still, constant lake. The changing environment on a lake is underneath the surface and is not as visible to us except by use of electronics such as fish and depth finders. The main point is simply that rivers seem to connect with children and keep them entertained all the way through the day.

Reason 2: With the abundance of animals living in or around a river it is a chance for children to learn about our planet, environment and ecosystems. On a river they get a chance to see birds, mammals, insects, reptiles, crustaceans and various insects. Likewise, depending on what river system you are in, they get to learn about the topography of the area.

Reason 3: Fishing in a river teaches children about the rewards of hard work. You may or may not know this yet, but river fishing is certainly more difficult than fishing in a lake or pond. However, the hard work of fishing in a river can certainly pay off. They may not understand this example without some adult bringing it to light, but it is setting a great example for them subconsciously.

Reason 4: If children are taken to the river by a father, mother, guardian, relative or mentor it it gives them time to talk about other things in life besides fishing. When I was growing up I can remember my dad talking with me about a million different topics while we were fishing. It gave him a chance to impart some wisdom my direction and I didn’t realize it then, but I am grateful for it today. What seemed to be an insignificant lesson on the river turned out to be important lessons later on in life.

Reason 5: It gets children involved into the sport that hopefully they continue to enjoy throughout the rest of their lives. If so, they will stay active in a world that continually is less active. Television, computers and video games can be great, but the facts still remain that child obesity is at an all time high in the United States and around the world. is hoping to show children that actually being in the great outdoors is something that television, computers and video games can never capture. The pastime can very well give them an outlet in life when they are stressed out and need to get away. Likewise, it will hopefully keep many children out of trouble the way it has for so many of the ones who have been doing it since childhood.

As you can see there are a lot of great reasons that kids go with river bassin’ like a frog lure goes on lilly pads. has made this section for articles that have to do with children and river bassin.’ Some will be tips for children and some articles will be tips on what to consider when taking children fishing on the river. is also happy to be able to host its first annual river bassin’ camp for kids this summer – details to come later and will be posted in this section and on the site calendar.


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  1. Cajun says:

    Anything you need to support this cause, even serving lunch, whatever, let me know – I will be there.

    For many years, I have taught martials arts, often for inner school children. You would be amazed at the percent (under 5%) that have ever been in the woods, muchless held a fishing rod or firearm, camped or hunted. Seeing the perspective change in these individuals was priceless, and experiencing the outdoors can change lives – we all know that.

    Let me know – I would like to help.

    Cajun Roger


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