William Joseph Rip Tide Waist Pack

William Joseph Rip Tide Waist Pack

william-joseph-rip-tide-bothReviewed By: Fishtaco

Item reviewed: William Joseph Rip Tide waist pack

Condition: New

Number of trips used: 20-50 trips

How it performed: When I wade fish I like to have an entire arsenal of flies available in case nothing is working. I started off  carrying everything in a vest and that worked, but it was heavy and made me sweat more than I wanted to. I then switched to a chest pack. That worked as well and was lighter than the vest, however the chest pack caught my fly william-joseph-rip-tide-evergreen-detailline at times, which became pretty annoying. I think I’ve finally found a pack that works for me.
I was a little hesitant to purchase it because it was basically a glorified fanny pack, but fishing is not a beauty contest, so I got it. I’m glad I did too, it has 2 built in zingers which I keep hemostats and nippers on. It has 2 water bottle holders, which is a necessity for fishing in Louisiana. It also has lots of storage space for my fly boxes. I keep a streamer box, and 3 Scientific Angler fly boxes in side. It also stores a scale and my keys, wallet and phone too. Basically all the things I need when out on the water. It’s much lighter than something on my chest or back which is a big plus. I like the fact that it sits on my hips, because I can slide it around to my back when I’m fishing and nothing is in the way of my fly line. It can also be used as a chest pack if you’re wading deeper waters, you just have to use the provided strap that goes around you’re neck.

william-joseph-rip-tide-evergreen-frontIt’s not perfect however. It’s not waterproof – if you take a spill, water will get inside, but the pack has to be totally submersed for it to get in. That’s why I gave it a 9 instead of a 10, otherwise it’s a great pack for wading small to medium streams.

2 Responses to “William Joseph Rip Tide Waist Pack”

  1. Great review Fishtaco! Thanks for submitting it to the site for us to share!

  2. Jump n Fish says:

    I’ve always been a fan of the fishin fanny pack. I may have to upgrade though as this one sounds a lot better than the one I got.


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