Wintertime Blues

Wintertime Blues

Article by:  Bo Painter (VaSmallieGuy89)

Winter on the New River…Eddie Cochran said that “there ain’t no cure for the summertime blues”.  I never understood quite what he meant, because I never had a problem with the blues coming in the summertime.  Summer’s full of  long, warm, lazy days, and of course; bass.  What self respecting river fisherman has time to be blue then?  No the summertime blues never gave me any trouble, its the wintertime blues that are getting to me, and sitting around the house is doing me about as much good as ol’ Eddie calling his congressman.

It happens every year, but that never makes it any easier, and all the snow here in Virginia this particular winter has made it particularly unbareable.  Usually after a month or two of sitting around I have to at least temporarily scratch the itch.  I end up going out, freezing my butt off, and generally not catching any fish.  That may sound miserable (it generally is), but it’s usually enough to tide me over until spring.

Unfortunately, this year we’ve seen snow since the middle of December and they’re calling for more this weekend.  Basically that means that I’ve been trying to get rid of this recurring case of cabin fever in other (much less efective) ways this year.

I always make sure to buy my fishing license as soon as the one from the previous year expires, but that’s only a bandaid.  The symptoms continue.  I’m finding myself taking apart reels for kicks, and then wishing I hadn’t when I have leftover pieces.  The other day I found myself embroiled in a conversation about the benefits of Shimano’s A-RB bearings compared to standard stainless steel ones, my dog couldn’t have cared less and walked away after 45 minutes, leaving me alone to grapple with the pros and cons of such a comparison.  The other day when the Bass Pro Shop’s catalog came I tore into it with all the enthusiasm of a 14 year old boy who’s just stumbled across Dad’s stash of Playboy’s in the hall closet.

I suppose there’s nothing technically keeping me from actually going fishing, but there’s also nothing technically stopping me from going out with Megan Fox this Friday night.  However, I can tell you with 100% certainty that neither one of those things is going to happen.  It’s not that I don’t want to go fishing, of course I do, I just want it not be cold when I’m doing it.

I know it sounds a little selfish to complain about not going fishing and then talk about how I don’t want to get cold, but I have the feeling most of you out there know what I mean.  Who among us wakes up on a crisp 20 degree January morning and immediately thinks, “man what a great day to go fishing!”

Instead we look anxiously forward to the slightly less frigid days of early spring where we’ll take that kickoff trip to another great season.  We count the number of hooks we have in comparison to the number of bullet weights to ensure a proper ratio.  We make daily trips to local tackle shops until we’re on a first name basis with the staff.  We do anything we can to get us through the doldrums that are winter.

Of course we’ll all make it through, and before long it’ll be March, and we’ll be paddling around the same old bubbling rivers that we have been for years.  That’s what makes rivers so unique; they don’t freeze over like their more fickle cousin the pond.  They don’t attract major housing developments like their louder uncle the lake.  They’re simply there, rolling along all twelve months of the year.  You’ve got to love that kind of dependability, even in a body of water.  Of course we all know this, and unlike the summertime blues the cure for the wintertime blues is right around the corner.

Article by:  Bo Painter (VaSmallieGuy89)

5 Responses to “Wintertime Blues”

  1. Cole says:

    Great Post!!!

    I loved this part, “I suppose there’s nothing technically keeping me from actually going fishing, but there’s also nothing technically stopping me from going out with Megan Fox this Friday night.”

    Welcome to the site!

  2. tigermc says:

    I am glad to see that I am not the only one with the “Wintertime Blues”. I have had my boat in the garage all winter and have driven myself to tears wanting to hit the water.

    I have the same experiences each winter. I go through all my tackle and find these old reels. I clean them up and cannot rmember why I quit using them, only to remember the first time out all of those funky noises that they make.

    Being in the deep South, the snow is not the problem, it is the rain. All the water around here is high and looks like chocolate milk. I have google map print-outs marked with possible clear water sites, old river cuts and sloughs marked to fish when the rain does stop. As for the snow, and cold temps, where the heck has Al Gore gone for the winter. So much for Global Warming!

  3. mookie says:

    Love it!!! going through the same thing myself.
    Every time my dog walks by and her rabies tag rattles I think it’s a spinnerbait!

  4. rossjj says:

    good stuff, go with the shamnino A-RB

  5. jeepinitreal says:

    Great post man! Welcome


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