XTOOLS Digital Scales – the best river scale?

XTOOLS Digital Scales – the best river scale?

xtools digital scaleThese are the best and easiest scales to use in the river, in my opinion.  If you are someone like me who is going to get things wet on the river, I suggest you spend the extra cash and buy this scale.  Yes they do cost $60 but last year I went through 3 scales and spent well over $60 anyway so I should have bought these first.

The are super easy to use.  The batteries are not expensive and last a long time.  They are waterproof, float and the fish will never flop off the scale due to the unique gripping system. And, best of all you will not harm the fish by poking holes in their mouth to weigh or try to hook up through their gills.  They also can store weights if you are short on human memory.

I hope this short review helps someone out there who is looking for a digital scale.

X-Tools gripNweigh Digital Scale provides tournament anglers with all the features we want in a tournament grade fish scale. To start with, it FLOATS and it’s WATERPROOF! Even as much sense as that makes there are plenty of digital scales out there that aren’t. Why would you want to take anything in your boat that would be ruined if it got soaked or sank to the bottom if you accidentally dropped it? X-Tools has included very thoughtful features in the design of the gripNweigh, like an easy to grip chassis that allows control of all the function buttons with your thumb. All controls are located on the front of the scale along with the large, easy to read display screen. It’s easy to weigh a fish with the gripNweigh, pull up on the trigger bar to open the jaws and release the bar to clamp onto the fish’s lower jaw. The scale will give you an accurate reading of the fish’s weight in pounds and ounces. If you are going to put the fish in the livewell, push the record button to keep the weight in the unit’s memory. You can go through the weights to find your cull fish and delete it’s weight and later, you can scroll through the weights of the fish you want to bring to the weigh-in and know how much you’ll be weighing. The gripNweigh allows you to weigh and handle fish without punching a hole in their lower jaw or otherwise injuring them and is very accurate. This unit will save you time on the water and allow you to accurately weigh your fish so you’ll have to resort to the balance beam less often.

Weighs fish up to 25 pounds.

2 Responses to “XTOOLS Digital Scales – the best river scale?”

  1. BravesWin says:

    Note that this scale doesn’t float MUCH. I had a light aluminum caribiner attached at the top and that 1-2 oz. was enough to send my scale plummeting into the depths. I got a glimpse of it and even had enough time to swipe at it once. Unfortunately, I missed and now it’s gone. Gotta get another one.


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