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Zoom MAGNUM Ultra-Vibe Speed Worm…Oh yea!

Zoom MAGNUM Ultra-Vibe Speed Worm…Oh yea!

Phillip Scearce with a 4 1/2 lb river largemouth bass….. The Zoom Bait Company’s Magnum Ultra-Vibe Speed Worm is quickly becoming a staple among my “go‑to” soft-plastic selections.   It’s no secret that I love the standard ultra-vibe speed worm, and I didn’t think it could be improved.  But the guys at Zoom Bait Company ( used the old adage of “bigger is better” and created a line of Magnum soft plastics, which includes the popular Magnum Fluke that you’ve probably seen Drew Gregory and John Japuntich (SumterShoalieFan) use for big shoal bass.  Just imagine your favorite Zoom lures, just, well, magnum sized!   That’s what Zoom did with some of their favorite patterns…made them BIG!  If their “normal” size patterns were already fish catchers, just imagine how productive the new magnum size patterns are going to be?

Luckily for me I didn’t have to imagine very long.  On a recent float trip with John and Drew on the Ocklawaha River, near Ocala Florida, I discovered the advantage of the magnum series Ultra-Vibe Speed Worm.  I rigged a cotton candy colored speed worm weightless with a 5/0 wide gap hook.   It’s heavy enough without weight to cast a mile, and the slow sink rate combined with the vibration of the tail triggers strikes.

113-005-junebug-magnum-uv-speedwormThe most impressive feature of the Magnum Speed Worm was my hook-up rate.  Because of its sheer bulk, bass do not spit this worm out.  On this day there were a few instances where I mistook a bass holding on to the worm with being stuck on a tree limb.  Because my reaction times were so slow I should have lost those fish…I didn’t.  Most fish would have spit out the worm before I had a chance to set the hook, but not with the magnum…they held on despite my indecisiveness.  In my amazement I landed these fish.  That’s impressive!  There are going to be times when you feel a “bump, bump, bump” set the hook and nothing is there, but I believe these are mostly aggressive bluegills biting the tail.

Not all new lures are without their faults.   To avoid line twist, the Magnum Speed Worm needs to be rigged perfectly straight, and I mean perfectly.  The best way to do this is by rigging the hook along the seam which for some reason is very hard to see on these baits.  If you do manage to rig it perfectly straight, there may be a molding flaw (usually at the tail) which causes the bait to roll over causing line twist.   To remedy this, I found that rigging the worm with a quality swivel above the hook will eliminate twist.  Don’t use a cheap barrel swivel; use a quality ball bearing swivel here.  BTW, it does not matter, when rigged, if the tail points up or down.  It’s equally effective both ways, but I start with the tail pointing down.

Compared with the original Ultra-Vibe speed worm, I didn’t find myself fishing the magnum any different.  I cast to a target, let it sink and if there was no strike on the fall, I’d hop it or swim it depending on the structure and/or current.   The massive vibrating tail displaces a lot of water, so I found myself using the magnum as a swim-bait.  Like a spinnerbait (or swimbait) it’s fairly idiot-proof when swimming, the tail will do the work for you.  All you have to do is make a decent cast into lily pads, over brush and logs, or whatever else that you find.

With results like these, who can argue!

Check out the Magnum series lures and all the Zoom classic soft plastic selections at

Article by: Phillip Scearce (

2 Responses to “Zoom MAGNUM Ultra-Vibe Speed Worm…Oh yea!”

  1. waderjon says:

    Great article Pip..I will have to give these a try.

  2. dougcox says:

    Hi Pip!

    Nice article man! Thank you!

    On your comment about “getting line twist” which can happen, I just did a video with Marty Stone about rigging worms. He gave a real interesting tip and he always rigs his hook down the mold line and then out on the same side as the tail hook to avoid line twist. I should have the video up soon, but I thought it was a neat tip about something people deal with a lot.


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